Training Classes

Training Classes

WOOF! Dog Care Center offers many training classes for dogs of all skill levels.  Each of our training classes are 6-sessions long, meeting once a week for six weeks.  Please see a list of our classes, along with descriptions, below:

​Puppy 101 (8-16 weeks)

Puppy 101 will get you headed in the right direction on how to handle your new puppy in everyday life. Learn how to deal with biting, rough play, potty training, and how to socialize your puppy with dogs and people alike!

Basic Obedience I (4 months and older)

Basic 1 will help you understand your dog and how to communicate with them. You will learn sit, down, wait, stay, come when called, loose-leash walking/heeling and door manners.

Basic Obedience II (must have passed Basic I)

Basic 2 you will build on all the things you learned in Basic 1 while getting more reliable sits, downs, waits, stays, recalls, loose-leash walking/heeling, and door manners. All this while learning how to do it without giving treats all the time!

Adolescent Class (5-24 Months)

Does your dog suddenly seem more interested in everything other then you?  Learn how to help get them over the rough “teen” months, while continuing to build on your dog’s socialization skills

Intermediate Obedience

You will build off all the things you learned in the basic classes. This is an opportunity to really take your dog to the next level.

Canine Good Citizen Class

This class is where you get the rewards from all your hard training you have done. You will learn and practice all the skills required to pass this AKC certified test. This class is the start to becoming a therapy dog, and it’s such a fun way to get a closer relationship with your furry friend!  Prior obedience training is recommended.

Canine Good Citizen Community Class

Canine Good Citizen community class is where you can take the fun things you learned in the CGC class and use it in the real world. We will meet in different stores each week where you will learn and practice all the real life skills you will need to pass this AKC certified test!


If your dog growls, lunges, or bites at people and/or dogs, or maybe they just get so excited they can’t seem to control themselves, this class will help you learn how to change your dog’s behaviors and give you control and confidence in those stressful situations.

Reactive II

Once you have graduated from Reactive 1 then you will get to go out into public and put your newly learned skills and confidence to use in real life situations!


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Training Classes

WOOF! Dog Care Center offers many training classes for dogs of all skill levels.…

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