Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare

When your Furry Friend comes Downtown for Doggie Daycare, he’ll get to explore over 10,000 square feet of play area. He’ll get to participate in off-leash, group play with other dogs of similar size, personality, and demeanor.   Doggie Daycare at Woof! includes toys to chase and chew,  playground equipment to romp and roll, and an exciting environment to ensure your Best Bud has a tail-waggin’ good time!   During the summer months, we offer a splash park with pools, sprinklers, & water toys, too!  Our outdoor play areas feature Astroturf — the same stuff the Husker football team plays on in Memorial Stadium! — not rocks, dirt, or mud like other facilities.

Woof! Doggie Daycare is always Safe & Secure.  To help ensure a safe environment for our Dog Care Specialists and all dogs entrusted in our care, Woof! does require your dog to pass an introductory assessment during their first daycare visit.  The Woof! Daycare Assessment is not an interview – It is a specialized process we have developed to ensure your dog receives the best Daycare experience possible.

During your Furry Friend’s first day at Woof!, he will spend the morning session playing one-on-one with a staff member’s dog.  At this time, a member of our Specialist team will assess the type of play, demeanor, personality, and other trains & characteristics.  After the morning session, we’ll slowly introduce in new playmates and playpals of similar size, personality, and demeanor!  This process is unique to Woof!, and we adjust it to accommodate all types of special needs. We believe our assessment-based approach helps to acclimate all dogs to Doggie Daycare and ensures a happy, healthy, comfortable Daycare experience!



Doggie Daycare

When your Furry Friend comes Downtown for Doggie Daycare, he’ll get to exp…

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