Overnight Boarding

Please Note: Doggie Daycare and Overnight Boarding Services are Fully Booked Monday May 9 through Friday May 27 and we are unable to accept any new reservations at this time.
Thank You for your patronage and understanding!

Going on vacation, traveling for work, or just need a safe space for your Furry Friend overnight? WOOF Overnight Boarding is a cozy, comfortable, and restful experience for your Dog!

Staff Members are on-site 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

WOOF features All-Suite Style Accommodations with plenty of room to stretch out and relax – There are no crates or cages here.

Reservations are strongly recommended for Overnight Boarding, especially during peak times and Holidays.

Overnight Boarding

Standard Suite

• A Cozy and Comfortable Standard Suite
• Various Sizes up to 6′ x 6′ Accommodation
• 1 Hour Doggie Daycare Included!


VIP Suite

• A Spacious and Roomy VIP Suite!
• Various Sizes up to 10′ x 8′ Accommodation
• 2 Hours Doggie Daycare Included!


Things to Keep in Mind Before Boarding Overnight:

  • Remember to Pack Enough Food for your Dog’s entire stay!
  • Any and All Medications with Detailed Instructions on Dosage & Routine!
  • Bring Toys, Treats, Chews, Blankeys, and Beds from Home!
  • Please Notify Us of any changes in feeding, medications, behavior before drop off!
  • We Honor Special Requests – Just ask!

We Offer Additional Services while Boarding:

Additional Add-On ServicesPricing
Add Additional Cozy Camper Daycare (1 Hour)$10.00
Add Additional Quarter Day Daycare (2 Hours)$13.50
Add Additional Half Day Daycare (4 Hours)$15.50
Add Toe Nail Trim$10.00
Add Toe Nail Trim + Dremel$15.00
Add WOOF Feeding$5.00/meal